How Does Work?

  • The first step is to register with!
  • There are several categories that one can register as on our platform: Hunter, Outfitter, Taxidermist, Shipping Agent, Videographer or Outdoor Sporting Store:
    • Hunters may register FREE on either our website and/or our App and get full access to the platform
    • Hunters may upgrade to PREMIUM for an annual fee of only USD $9.99 for additional membership benefits
    • Outfitters register FREE of charge on the website
    • Taxidermists, Shipping Agents, Videographers and Outdoor Sporting Stores register on the website for an annual advertising fee of USD $499
  • Once registered a Hunter can view and book hunts, packages, and specials from any of the hunts listed on our platform. The Hunter will have full access to both the website and the App.
  • Once registered, an Outfitter has access to our easy-to-use online extranet platform whereby the Outfitter can upload all of the necessary information to offer multiple hunts, hunting areas, packages, and specials, including multiple photos and specific information helpful for the Hunter.
  • Once registered, a Taxidermist, Shipping Agent, Videographer or Outdoor Sporting Store will be guided through the simple steps of paying their annual fee and then uploading their photos and contact information so that Hunters using our platform have quick and reliable access to that information.
  • Booking a Hunt:
    • When booking a standard hunt, a deposit of 60% of the daily rate and/or 60% of the special/package cost will be charged to the Hunter (Credit Card, ACH, Bank Wire, SWIFT, etc.)
    • 90 days prior to the commencement of a booked hunt, the remaining 40% of the daily rate and/or the special/package cost will be charged
    • If a hunt is initially booked sooner than 90 days from the commencement of the hunt, 100% of the daily rate and/or cost of the special/package will be charged
    • In the event of a hunt cancellation, the refund policy of the Terms of Service apply
    • A Hunter who books a daily-rate-based hunting trip will pay trophy fees (and any miscellaneous expenses) directly to the Outfitter.
  • Following a hunting trip, the Hunter will be able to rate the Outfitter in a comprehensive manner that allows fellow Hunters to have access to reliable, first-hand information about the Outfitter and his services.

How it works

How it works

How it works

How it works

How it works

How it works
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