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The adventures and misadventures of the Huntersinc team in the furtherest shag.



For us, a safari or shikar is more than just an activity. It’s a state of mind. Founded by Bwana Manfred, Bwana Scott, and Bwana Jimmy Big Time, Huntersinc.com isn’t simply a business, it’s our way of life. We are adventurers, romantics, explorers, naturalists, and conservationists who choose to live life as one long safari.

WE ARE HUNTING™ and Celebrating the Hunting Lifestyle™ aren’t just the title and tagline of our quarterly journal—they’re statements that we live by and which identify us. Our goal at Huntersinc is to celebrate the hunting lifestyle in all that we do through our content and services, and to create a global hunting community that embodies the WE in WE ARE HUNTING™.

Our hearts are most full and at peace in front of a campfire, whisky in hand and surrounded by friends in good country. We are hunters. We are hunting.


As outfitters ourselves, we understand what it takes to facilitate a successful hunt, but we aspire to do much more. We create meaningful hunting experiences and tell stories through written and film content along the way.

Based in Waco, Texas with our Africa regional office in Windhoek, Namibia, we have several lifetimes of international hunting experience on our team. This experience in the world’s best game fields allows us to share our knowledge with the hope of assisting aspirational hunters to realize their hunting goals.

With that in mind, we’re excited to invite you to experience the splendors of wild and untamed hunting destinations around the world, whether it be our own exclusive hunting areas in Africa or those operated by our trusted partners elsewhere. At the very least, we hope to inspire you through our original film and written content to allow you to dream bigger. Let’s do it together.

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